The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Programme Officer (CPO), form together SDIA’s Board. They are responsible for the executive decision and daily management of the organisation. 

Mohamed Riyas 


Ansar Faris


Management Team SDIA – Srilanka

The daily management of the organization lies with SDIA’s Management Team, whose CEO is the chairman.

David William

Director of Fundraising, Awareness raising and Communications

Fayas Ahamed

Director of Programmes

J Rismy

Director of Finance


Media (communication)

International Management Team

The international Management Team consists of the management team of SDIA London, combined with the Country Director.

Country Directors

David William

Director Disaster Response Team

A. Muthalib

SDIA London

Supervisory Board

SDIA has a Board and a Supervisory Board. The Board consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Programme Officer (CPO) and is responsible for the running of the organisation and the implementation of SDIA’s vision, mission, and strategy. The Supervisory Board is responsible for the supervision of SDIA’s Board, its plans and policies, and for safeguarding the vision and identity of the organisation.

The Supervisory Board advises and assists the SDIA Board in finding the direction for the organisation, in line with SDIA’s statutory obligations. The Supervisory Board has an Audit Committee and a Remuneration Committee. Supervisory Board members do not receive financial compensation for their work.

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